Friday, January 21, 2011

Sewing Space: Show me the Buttons!

Do any of you have oodles of buttons? Or am I the only one? I love buttons. When I first started sewing Joann's had a bunch of buttons on clearance for 20 cents a tin. I kinda went crazy and bought a bunch. Of course I didn't have a plan in mind, but you never know when you'll need a button...right?

A few months back someone gave me a craft caddy. Back then I didn't embroider like I do now, so I decided to use it for buttons instead of floss. (However, this week I went and bought a caddy for my embroidery floss because the stuffing in a jar thing isn't working anymore. I knew that was a quick solution and not a long-term thing...)

So if you pretty little caddy of buttons...

I love having my buttons organized like this. When I open up the caddy, I just love looking at the colors together. What great inspiration! The large aqua ones are among one of my favorites.

Then the aqua and red polka dot buttons are a brand new aquisition. I have been eyeing these on Etsy for months and finally gave in and bought them. Again, no specific purpose in mind...

They came from England, and it was worth the extra wait for them to go through customs. (FYI: International shipping into the US is taking longer than usual.)

Such a nice way to organize those buttons...

When I am all done, I just place the caddy towards the back of my sewing table...out of the reach of little hands. :) I currently don't have any shelving for my sewing stuff so my sewing table is currently home to most things like this. The empty caddy on the bottom is for my floss. I just have to wind all the floss on the night anyone?

So there you go! Any other tips for organizing out there?

Happy Friday!



  1. I have a million buttons all thrown into a big tupperware box. I am totally going to get one of those organizers and color coordinate them. How cute and pretty!

    And since you'll be winding your floss onto cards... you might like these. It's still on my to do list:

  2. No surprise that you got red polka dot buttons! :) They are so cute and very you!

  3. That is so inspiring! I don't think there is anyone around that could say they don't like buttons. Give anyone a button tin for a minute and there they go - looking for matches, colours, sizes, shapes. they are so addictive and tactile. BUT you have gone one step further, they look soooooooooo gorgeous, I could sit and just look at them for hours, then start to sort and put them back into their little space again. Ah! how lovely! Thank you for sharing :0)
    love Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  4. I love your red polkadot buttons, they're so unique!
    I'm crazy about novelty buttons, I put them all on a plastic container box.

  5. I Love buttons too!! I have them in many colors in vintage mason jars!!

  6. I love buttons too and have 1000's of them! I have most of them sorted in different colourway in glass jars - the rest are still in plastic bags waiting to be sorted!

  7. I organized my buttons and linked back to you here:

  8. I LOVE buttons! These buttons just make me happy looking at them. :)


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