Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sewing Space: Organizing Ribbons and Such

I have a wish.

My wish is that one day I will have a sewing room. In the past and currently, my sewing space has been the kitchen table or a corner in a room wherever we have space. When I look at sewing studios/rooms like these a girl can only dream.

Nevertheless, just because I don't have the above doesn't mean I can't love the little space I call my own and I do. However, the biggest challenge with having an involved hobby like sewing is storing all the 'stuff'.

For the longest time my ribbons and the like where kept on the original spools in a drawer. What a nightmare. Ribbon was always slipping off and becoming a tangled mess.  A while back I saw this idea and knew it was the solution for me. (You can also see the same idea here.)

Now my ribbons and trim happily reside wrapped on clothespins inside this great glass jar.

A couple of things.  I bought my clothespins or Doll Pins at Michael's. (Some mentioned they were able to find some Dollar Tree. I could never find any at mine.) Also, I purchased my glass jar at Walmart for right around $8.00. Ten bucks for ribbon organization bliss. Priceless.

The other day I was going through my mess of embroidery floss driving myself crazy.  Take one look at my floss organization compared to my ribbon:

If you could choose to be the floss or the ribbon which one would you be? Ya...I'd be the ribbon too.

I knew I needed a quick solution. I recently saw this post over at homemade by jill and wished my floss was organized in such a way. But right now I don't have time to wind my floss. I was at Hobby Lobby the other day when I saw all their glassware 50% off. I had a vision of sorts.  I made a  purchase, came home, and dumped out my mess of floss.

Nice eh? Don't you love the paper in there too?

Next, I placed the floss in the jar with the colors I use most on the top.  Is it the most organized in the most efficient way? No, but it works for now. Much better than the mangled zippie bag.

Now my floss can hold it's own next to my ribbon.

Yep. Looks much better.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Guess I have the very same problems too...thanks for sharing the idea :)

  2. I LONG to find solutions to many of my craft organization probs. My bobbins are the most pressing currently. And my craft desk is kind of a nightmare. I use the bottoms of cereal boxes as separators/organizers, but they sort of just float around and get jumbled. I would LOVE to have my own space or at least more space to display more craft items like you have. It's so inspiring to have beautiful supplies around you. My thread is mounted on the wall, and the colors always cheer me up.


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