Friday, December 10, 2010

Need Some Input: Girl's Initials

Edit: Thanks everyone! Wow lots of Ms, Ks, and Es out there. I've got a great sampling now.  I am going close the comments on this post.

Thanks again!

Hey blog readers. In order to streamline my shop production a little, I need some quick input. The Elle tote has been a popular item in the last few weeks. (Thanks Leash for asking me to make it in the first place!) Usually I have all the pieces for this bag cut so when I get an order I just have to sew. Makes life a tad easier. However, I would love to have a stash of precut letters already to go. Naturally, I don't want every single letter of the alphabet.

So my favor? If you have a little girl could you please leave her initial in the comments? (I don't need full names.) I figure I can get a sampling of the most common initials and have a stash of those on hand. This is not meant to exclude those little girls whose name doesn't begin with a common letter. This is just to help me stay sane. :)



  1. Let's see, I have a little girl: J
    Her BFF: R
    Her other best buddies: A,A,A,M,M, E,S,S,L
    My nieces: S,G,D

    Hope that Helps

  2. My sister, sister-in-law, and I all have girls with the letter M- (different names)

    Maddie's two little girlfriends- L and C

  3. These are not all my girls but they are the girls in my life:
    N, L, H, K, K, and J.
    I hope that helps.

  4. I have one little girl beginning with "A"



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