Friday, October 31, 2008

What I've Been Up To....

Well almost a week has past and Halloween is upon us. It has been whirl wind the last few weeks because of being almost done with this:

Along with making a book that involves these:

I am crossing my fingers that I get to the projects that involve these fabrics and trims:

So pretty!!!! I just need the other red fabric.

Hopefully I will be posting the items very soon in the shop.

Oh. And I am enjoying the beautiful season that is autumn far too much. :)

Phew. I am tried after writing this post. It is going to be a fun weekend! What am I doing blogging?!?!? I need to get to work...

Oh and Happy Halloween. (Since the Halloween buying season has pretty much ended, I am thinking "Halloween was so last two weeks ago"...Christmas is now on my brain.)


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