Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jolly Old St Nicholas....and a itty bitty giveaway

...lean your ear this way...tell about the new quiet book LeAnne made today! So ya...that last part didn't actually fit in with the rest of the song, but I get credit for trying; right?

So one last Christmas Quiet Book. This is the first of my "mini" books I hope to make. I also will be making a pattern/kit so you can make your own! I hope I can get it done in the next few days so I could sell some this season.

Well...without any further adieu here are the pics. Enjoy!

And for the real juice a little giveaway for you!!! If you live near me (i.e. - the same CITY and you KNOW me personally) and would like to test my pattern for me, leave a comment. I will draw one lucky name and I will bring you all the supplies/directions to make one yourself. The only requirement is that you finish it in a week and you MUST give feedback! (And in case you are wondering, it took me 6 hours to design AND make this entire book. Minus my design time, changes, blah blah blah; it probably would only take 3 hours AT THE MOST to make.) I hope to have the pattern ready by next Wednesday. (Sorry I don't mean to be all exclusive, but I have a short time frame to work with so that is why I am limiting to who can enter.) I will draw a winner FRIDAY night!


  1. Wow how fun! OK so before I even got to the end of the post I was thinking that I need to get that book for Madeleine! SO ADORABLE! Its making me excited for Christams!

  2. Is that a bell? Bells aren't quiet! :)

  3. Cathie -

    Yes it is a bell...and it rings only a teeny bit.


  4. I suppose if it ever got too loud you could pull the ball out, or hot glue it down. I like playing with noisy things. I am, apparently, a three year old.

  5. Does it matter if you are a beginner? It make increase the amount of time!!! Pick me! Pick me!! It is a really cute book! Does it have movable parts?

  6. yeah take me out of the running...i don't do artsy craftsy anything that requires more than duct tape!!! and you'd think quiet books help kids understand the concept of quiet. not ours. kid burps during reverent time and runs around during lessons. oh the wonderful life of babies!!! only three more months to nursery...THREE!


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