Monday, January 12, 2009

Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act

Okay folks. I have to share some info with you. Due to the fact that this law is generally unknown to the general public, I want to offer some general info on the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act that goes into effect Febuary 10th.

Remember when all those toys got recalled because of the amounts of lead in children's toys? Well, thank goodness Congress decided to do something about. Sadly, the law was not fully thought out before it was signed this past August. The law states that ANY product intended for children under the age of 12 has to go through batch testing and be provided with a tag and certifiate saying it is lead free. The cost for this will go undetected by large manufacters, but for the little guy like me...there is no possible way I could ever afford this. As currently written, the law has no exemption for small business owners. With this going into effect myself along with many, many, others will have no choice but to stop selling children's items.

I of course want the saftey of our kids to be first. However, the law needs to be reasonable. Many of the items I use I already know are lead-free. Also most makers of handmade items only use the top quality items to produce their items.

If you at all enjoy handmade items for children, take an hour and write your congressman or senator. I submitted letters to mine online and have already recieved responses. There are places you can go for form letters or I would gladly email you mine and you can change or add as needed.

This of course is one of the many issues going on in our nation. I don't put a whole lot of personal stuff on this blog because...well that is just how I am. :) However, since this concerned my business and I know some of my customers read this; I felt it was appropriate to share. May I also add, I hope we all take the time to act in a similar way of informing our elected officals of our personal stance on the many issues facing our nation today.

Edit: Here is a great article from WSJ.


  1. Can't you just tack "Ages 12+" on everything? If someone buys a product for adults and gives it to their kids, well...that's not your fault!

  2. Thought you may be interested in a giveaway! Come by and check it out!

    xo jane

  3. Cath - Ya. This law has so many loop holes it is scary! However, worse case senario, I will just stop selling kids stuff. I could still make the advents and some holiday decor.

    Hopefully it will get all sorted.

  4. Do books count as toys? I wouldn't think so, but I haven't looked directly at the new law. It really seems that, if nothing else, they should only make this applicable to painted items. Like your going to find lead in cotton fabric and batting. Seriously.


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