Friday, January 16, 2009

Numbers Quiet Book

It is done! One more quiet book for the shop. I decided to make a numbers quiet book to help little ones learn their numerals and number representation. This is by far the "biggest" book as far as number of pages. (Excuse the darker pictures...I finished it and rushed to take pictures with the last bit of daylight. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will be shinning so I can grab some better ones for the shop. Don't let the sunny weather fool you though, it was in the negative temps for us today...)

I really liked how the book turned out. My favorite pages have to be the cupcake and raindrop page. Those cupcakes just look so yummy!!!

Well. Excuse the sarcasm, but someone go buy it. As of the 10th of February this will be considered a "hazardous item" to the Feds. I am going to try and stay open as long as I can. I really think changes will be made to the law so it is not as ridiculous. Who knows! If it is not fixed my future kids are going to have a nice stash of stuff or my lucky friends will be the benefactors. ;)


  1. This is FANTASTIC! Off to check my budget to see if I can buy this... :)

    Seriously, my 3 year old would love this book - she's all about numbers and books!

  2. Hi. I couldn't find my proof... but over Christmas our news had a story about saving homemade toys and that there were/are plans to make changes to the law... in any case I really hope it gets changed.

    p.s. cute stuff! love the cup cakes too!

  3. ooooh adorable!! love the owl :) im a bit fond of those :)

  4. Glad you guys like it! Thanks!

  5. maybe fox can be a benefactor too...?! you've got a ton of creativity and it sure shows.

  6. Mary -

    Of course! And I should add family will be the FIRST benefactors.

  7. That law IS ridiculous!

    Very cute book - you are really talented!

  8. I'm visiting from Sew Mama Sew--this is SO cute! I'm off to check it out in your Etsy shop...since the CPSIA (or whatever it is) is really going into effect this year, right? BOOO


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