Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Should I Do Next?

I have hit you could say sort of a blogging 'rut'. (Except, I do have some of my own personal projects that I've been working on to look for that!) So to help remedy that there is a little poll in the side bar to get y'alls opinion. So click those votes away!

So some of the things I have been thinking to do are...

1. A Tutorial. What kind would you guys like? I didn't get around to a Valentine's one, but what are you itching to make?

2. Just More Posts. This one would require more time and creative thought from me. Which I am happy to do!

3. Giveaway. Ya. Nuf said.

4. Sew Along. We could pick a project to do 'together' when everyone is done we can share pictures on flickr! These are fun because you see all different styles and ideas emerge.

So I wish I was more creative about blogging, but again enters said 'rut'.

Well happy Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday, homemade pizza night!

Life is wonderful and there are so many reasons to celebrate!!!


  1. tutorial -- or a rigged giveaway where I get whatever you're giving away :)

  2. i vote for anything BUT SEWING...and you know why. lol. where do you buy your pizza dough at?


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