Saturday, September 12, 2009

'Give Thanks' Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar

The Thanksgiving Countdown Calendar was probably one of the first items I ever 'thought' of when the shop was just an idea. However, I could never design it right or find the right color combo of fabrics. Occasionally, I would find a print at the fabric store, buy it, and stick it in a pile. Last week I found the print to tie it all together and Thursday night it all came together.

I have to say it is my favorite Countdown Calendar yet. I also wrote an activity file that has over 30 activities for families to do together during the month of November. All the activities focus on gratitude and require little to no prep. There are two types of activities. 'These Take Some Time' activities that take at least 5 - 10 minutes to complete. 'These Will Only Take a Minute' are activities can be done truly in a minute or as dinnertime conversation. The hope of these activities is to help increase families understanding and appreciation of their many blessings.

A sample of the included activities:

* Print off the sign that reads, “We just had to “pop” over and say we‘re thankful for you!” Attach the sign to a neighbors’ door with a bag of microwave popcorn or 2 liters of soda. Make it anonymous by ding-dong-ditching!

* Write letters or emails to relatives that live far away.

* As a family, list why you are thankful for your country.

* For your evening or dinner prayer, only offer a prayer of thanks.

* Have everyone name three things they are thankful for.

* Put everyone’s name in a hat and have everyone draw one. By tomorrow night, everyone has to find a way to secretly serve that person.

The activity file can be used with or without the countdown calendar. I truly love it and will be making another for us to keep to use during the month of November.

So there it is a year later it finally came together! I love it. Thanksgiving truly is one of my favorite holidays, I love what it represents. So for our family, this will be something we enjoy for years to come.

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