Monday, October 19, 2009

Favorite Tutorials: Ruffle & Flower Onesie

So my pile of white onesies were looking a little sad and need of some personality. (I also made an amazing sewing machine purchase...a ruffle foot.) After I learned how to use it, I was wanting to do a project involving ruffles.

I found this great tutorial on U-Create for a Ruffle Onesie. I don't have a serger, sigh, and didn't want raw edges for my ruffles. So I thought to use ribbon! So cute. I attached my ribbon following the tutorial directions except with my ruffling fun! You can ruffle your fabric/ribbon the regular way too. If you use ribbon I reccomend at least 1" wide, that is what I used. Anything less might make it not so fun...for you to sew. I also recommend heat sealing the ends of your ribbon with a lighter. Easier than turning the raw edges under and sewing.

Then the front was looking a little lonely and in need of personality too ... enter the fabric flower. I used Heather Bailey's fabric flower tutorial for inspiration, then did my own thing. (Her tutorial is use it! Especially if you will be gathering the traditional way.) I want to make a fabric flower to wear with cardigans this fall. Just attach a broach pin on the back and you're in business. They are so easy you could make one for just about every outfit...not really...but you get the idea. :) Below is just what I pictures...

I cut a 2" x 12" piece of fabric, folded it wrong sides together. I pressed the strip in half to make it easier to feed through my ruffler. (Again, you can just baste long stitches and pull to gather it up.) After ruffling I turned under the raw edges on the short ends and straight stitched them where the stitching wouldn't show. Then I made the fabric strip into a flower shape by turning it on itself. Then I sewed it into place just below my ruffling stitches. The leaves are two cuts of ribbon looped, and tacked to the back. I have a bunch of flower die cuts so I cut some different flower shapes out of felt and decided on the fun fushcia color. This helped cover up lots of my stitching lines. Then I sewed on a button, going through the felt and fabric flower, to secure everything in place. Then I tacked it onto the onesie. Easy peasy.

And so cute!


  1. This is adorable! Are you going to put any of those onesies in your Etsy shop?!?

  2. Thanks, but no these will not be in my shop. This was just a fun personal project, the idea is not mine and sometimes I like to make things for us. :)

  3. You are going to have one very stylish little baby! CUTE!

  4. P.S. You do know that babies have MAJOR blow outs.... right.... :) Just don't cry when she has one in her cute onesies! :)


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