Thursday, March 18, 2010

Superhero Tote & Mini Tutorial

As promised here is a tote bag for your little guy. Even a Superhero also needs a handy tote to carry all his stuff...

This cute one is going off in the mail to my super cute nephew. Thanks for letting me borrow your initial!

Now for a mini-tutorial. I love making tote bags. They are fun, quick, and easy. Plus, you can add whatever you like to make a tote bag completely 'yours'. This mini-tutorial is a trick that I love to use in making my tote bags. I think the result is a sturdier and more 'professional' looking tote. You can apply this technique to any tote, and many of you may already be doing this. The finished result looks like this:

Simply you are adding a strip of the outer bag material to your lining. Typically linings are lighter material and overtime the handle wear can weaken the lining. This way your handles wear on the stronger fabric. Doing this is to your tote bag is VERY simple.

1. You will need the measurement that you would usually use if you were lining your bag traditionally. This measurement typically is the same size of your two outer bag pieces.
In my case 12.5" (w) x 13.5" (l).

2. Figure out the size of your strip. For this size of tote, I want my FINISHED, or how much shows on the finished tote, strip to be 2" wide. Add your seam allowance, 1/2" on each side, so the UNFINISHED strip is 3" x 12.5. Cut two 3" x 12.5" strips.

3. Next you need the size of the lining material. Simply subtract the FINISHED width of your strip from the length of the normal lining size. 13.5" - 2" = 11.5" x 12.5"
Cut two 12.5" (w) x 11.5" (l) pieces.

If that was clear as mud. Sorry. Numbers aren't my thing.

4. Next, sew the strips to the lining pieces. Matching up the 12.5" sides. Press seams up.

5. These are your two lining pieces. Pin right sides together. Match up the strip seams and pin in place.

6. Sew together using 1/2" seam allowance. Leave a 6"opening in the bottom for turning. Press seams and clip corners. (I like to back stitch at the openings.)

7. Continue sewing the tote as normal. When you are sewing the outer and lining together around the top, don't leave an opening, it is in your lining. When you are all done just sew the opening in the lining closed and you never see it. The outside of your tote remains perfect and nice and seam for turning is hidden nicely inside your tote.

Again. Just a helpful tip!

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday!

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  1. your nephew who wants to be on the "i only eat cookies diet"! =) it looks fantastic.

    i wish i could have you two make my pinewood derby car!!! mine is uncreativeish


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