Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Owl Totes...

My owl tote stock needed a breath of bright, colorful fabrics.  The beloved Gracie is back, but she had a little bit of a mishap with my scissors.  Hearing 'snip' when you weren't planning on it is never good. (Don't ask me how it happened.) Of course the little mishap occured after she was all put together, so I am offering her at a discount. She is still a darling tote and completely perfect in every other way.

I still have a tutorial in the works for you all. It is coming. Promise.

ps...I also have too many ideas in my head right now. I wish I could multi-task up the wazoo so I could actually make them all.

pps....Oh...if you are up late and craving a quick chocolate chip cookie, go here to get a great recipe. And while you are at it drool over Camille's amazing quilting abilities. I love her quilts. I want to make this quilt exactly as it is pictured. EDIT: Or someone can just make one for me. :) to maybe make one of those ideas a reality. Just maybe.

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