Wednesday, October 6, 2010

get them while they're hot

So like most fabric fetish people, I have a load of scrap fabric from past projects. I am trying to reduce some of my fabric stash so what better to make than a few of the my Colors Quiet Book. You can purchase a completed my Colors Quiet Book in my shop.

While making the books I also made oodles and oodles of the my Colors Quiet Book lettering kit. So whether your fancy is to sew or not to should be covered. ;) (FYI: After a few requests, I made some of the Lettering Kits in Spanish!) The FREE tutorial can be found here.

I know there have been a lot of posts as of late about the Colors Quiet Book in particular, so my apologies for the lack of fresh ideas. However, make sure you check in on Monday. I promise there will be some fun items spooky new items and may be a tutorial or two...or three...or four. ;)

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