Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have a few things to celebrate today:

1. I hit the big 500 mark in my shop! Wahoo. Who'd ever thought I would make 500 of anything that other people would like too? Thanks to EVERYONE for all of your support and encouragement. I couldn't have made 500 of anything with out the sweet comments, emails, and encouragement.

Thank you to all my lovely readers and customers! Thank you! 
(hint...there maybe a little giveaway later on...)

2. Head on over to the Moda Bake Shop. There is a fun announcement over there and if you are a fan of fabric and Moda you do not want to miss out. 

3. I am on the brink of finishing lots of projects. (see the photo above for a peek) I said last week that my machine has been going non-stop, and it has. But a few of my projects are in that 'limbo' stage of almost being done. Stay tune. 

4. I have chocolate chip cookie dough in my freezer that keeps on calling my name. I keep on going and getting a little bit of frozen cookie dough goodness. 
...hmm...maybe this isn't something I should be celebrating...

See you soon! Promise, I have lots to share. :)


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