Monday, August 19, 2013

Halloween Countdown stock!

Happy Monday! I am happy to share that my Halloween Countdown Calendars are made, in-stock, and ready to be sent to a Halloween-loving home! These are by far my favorite Halloween Calendars I've made to date. I love the fabric and since I have a thing for banners, the little bunting banner just makes me happy. 

Check out all the details here in the listing. I only have four available and I won't be making any more this season. (I also have a sample for sale that was my trial run of this calendar. There are a few imperfections so I am offering it at a reduced price. See listing.) I also will have the Countdown Cards file available as a FREE download here on the blog in a couple of weeks. A printed set of the cards is included with the Countdown Calendar.

So there you go! Happy Halloween in August to you all. Maybe I should start thinking about costumes.... :/

Happy Monday,


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