Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Full Shop + More to Come!

Well, Believe has come and gone and it was a sparkling success! Thanks to you who came out and said hi and thanks to all those I met! I couldn't believe the crowd and I was one busy girl.

I sold out of most of my stock the first night, which was a total surprise! My banners were cleaned out before I could blink. However, I will have some up in the shop in the next week or two. (Definitely before Thanksgiving. Lots of sad faces when I said they were sold out. ) Here is one lone banner leftover from the boutique, you can find it here.

My advents were also gone in a flash. I was hoping to bring home a couple for the shop and had one lone Christmas Advent left, I made 15, and I listed it this morning and it was gone in 5 minutes.

There are two Thanksgiving Advents left and they are listed here.

So what's left?

Well like with all Craft Boutiques, some things sell and some don't.  I have some owl totes left.  Remember these cute guys?! It's been while since they've been in the shop and I am happy they're back. They really are fun to make.

Then there's the quilts. I actually sold one quilt at the boutique, my favorite one. It was a chevron quilt made from my last orphaned Bliss charm pack. It was another fun project, my first time working with Minky.  Will definitely be making more baby quilts with Minky. I was smart and at least snapped one photo.

There are four quilts left and they are listed in the shop. I love the aqua herringbone.

Then there's the stockings. These were a big hit in the shop two Christmases ago and I am happy to introduce a gray color to the mix. These are available now and I can personalize with whatever letters you need.

So there you go! That's what's left from the last four months of sewing/crafting and staying up way too late. It was a great weekend but now it's back to reality. What's first on my list? Really cleaning my house and potty training a two-year old. Wish me luck!

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