Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Countdown Cards - FREE Printable

I told you I'd be back soon.

Today I am sharing a free printable of {30} printable 3" x 4" cards full of fun Halloween activities, jokes, and riddles.  Think things you are already doing for Halloween: carving pumpkins, going to the pumpkin patch, baking pumpkin recipes, etc. The activities are nothing overblown and don't require preparation in advance. If you've made my Halloween Countdown Calendar, they are the perfect size to slip right into those pockets. (The pattern is available here and for only $5 for a few more days. All my Countdown patterns are $5 right now!)

 {I hang my countdown on my pantry door}
 {click on image to access download}

Yes, there are only 30 cards, but 31 days in October. The reason? Simple. I honestly don't see myself doing a Halloween activity a night with my family. I enjoy Halloween but it isn't my favorite holiday. Choose the activities you want to do and slip into the pockets on the day you want to do that activity.  For the days without a card? Do whatever you want! Slip a piece of candy in. Get some fun Halloween goodies from the dollar bins at Target, straws, pencils, etc. Keep it simple. Or you can be like me and just not do something that night! Keeping it real folks! (I did throw in some blank cards to write your own.) The point is to have fun and to create memories with your family. Keep it simple.

Don't have a Countdown Calendar? No problem. Print them out, pick the activities you want to do, punch a hole in the corner and slip on a binder ring. Done. No binder ring? Gotcha covered. A length of cute ribbon works just fine too. See my Thanksgiving and Christmas Countdown cards below? Same idea.

So there you go! Something super simple but oh so fun for this great time of year. I love fall and the lead up to my favorite time of year, Christmas. Can't believe we are already at October. How in the world did that happen? 2015 will be here before we know it.

Be back soon with more goodies. Promise

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  1. How fun! I'd have to tie it with twine I borrowed from my friend, because I'm just that uncrafty. Have you considered a generic countdown calendar that gets a new header for each holiday? Kind of a souped up version of first grade calendar time? I'd buy one of those in a heartbeat.


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