Monday, August 17, 2015

Vintage Holiday Quilt Along (QAL)

It's beginning to look a lot like August?! Yes, in August. Because when you're a quilter that's when you have to start your Christmas sewing.

photo from @Thimbleblossoms

For the longest time, I've wanted to make the beautiful Vintage Holiday Quilt by Thimble Blossoms. When I saw the beautiful reds, greens, and aquas in the Hello Darling line - I knew I had to make it! I posted the idea on Instagram to make Vintage Holiday using Hello Darling in May and asked if anyone would want to do a quilt along. I should've known the answer - of course! Chrissy from Sew Lux Fabric joined in the fun by asking me to put together a kit. The kit is gorgeous and a few are still available on her website.

photo from @sewlux

So here's some general information:

1. What's a Quilt Along? (QAL)
A QAL is where a group of quilters make the same quilt and share their progress. Super simple. We will be using Instagram for this QAL which brings me to 2...

2. This QAL is taking place on Instagram.
This QAL is taking place on Instagram so you need an Instagram account.  Instagram is available as an app for smart phones. You can watch the fun from your computer, but you can only post pictures  from your smart phone. Note: If you want everyone to see your photos, you need to have a public account. If you have a private account, consider opening a second account that is public for sharing sewing projects. That way people can see your photos.

3. Follow me @everydaycelebrations on Instagram.
That way you can keep up with the "schedule" (I use that term very loosely) and for giveaways and all the fun!

4. Use the hashtag #vintageholidayqal when sharing your photos.
That way your photo will appear with everyone participating in the QAL.

5. Fabrics.
Chrissy from Sew Lux Fabrics is offering a kit featuring Hello Darling. There are a limited amount left. You of course are welcome to use whatever fabrics you like, but a kit option is available.

6. When do we start?
September 1st! See you then!

If you have any questions, let me know! I check my Instagram more frequently than the blog, so if you need a quick response try there! 

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