Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quilt Giveaway...My Giveaway...Things to Come

There is this radical (did I just use radical?) quilt giveaway here. I am in love with that quilt and the colors...so fall...so sweet. It makes me want to change my favorite color from red to yellow. That road with the leaves and the chair...ohhh...I so want to go there.

The winner to my giveway over at 30Days was announced and it was Shay! Yay for her!!! I hope she likes the Quiet Book. :)

I will be back hopefully today, crossing my fingers, with some new items for the shop. All I can say is...it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my sewing corner. (I am a living testimony that you don't need a fancy studio to create beautiful things. My tiny apartment's kitchen goes from kitchen table to sewing studio extraordinaire in a matter of minutes.)


  1. Yay-for Shay:) Congrats!!! I love this blog-♥

  2. Hi - I'm following you and I put your button on my blog roll because I'm afraid I'll NEVER find you again! I want to come back and check out those quiet books - thanks for sharing!

    Tina "The Book Lady"


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