Monday, December 1, 2008

Owl Tote Bag

This is a fun one! I was going to wait to list it and share until after the craft show this Friday, but I couldn't wait. I saw an owl pillow and was totally inspired to try and make my own version. Then I decided it was far too cute to keep sitting on the couch, so it became a tote. A little sketch, then a pattern, and four hours later I had this little creation.

The bag is corduroy and cotton fabrics, with two giant felt eyes.

I love the little wings. Yes, they are "flapable". Zig zag stitching makes anything fabulous, just like ric rack!
I love owls, and I love that they are the "in" thing in accessory land. This little tote is perfect for a little girl for a preschool, library, or church bag. More colors will be arriving soon. Including blue for boys.
Happy Monday everyone!
me :)


  1. LeAnne, This is sooo cute! I love it!!!!!

  2. Very cool purse-♥ Love the owl!

  3. SUPER cute little tote, and PS, Allan is applying to University of Michigan for grad school! You never know....!

  4. Yay! I am glad you all like it. :) Thanks!

    Mim - that would be SOOOOOO sweet...we could totally have a crafternoon!

  5. Gaaaa, that's adorable. I super love it.

  6. yup, you now have to make one for mom. she loves those owls!

  7. That is just so darn cute!!


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