Monday, December 8, 2008

My First Craft Show

My mom did craft shows when we were little. I remember going and setting up the tables and sitting outside all day. They were always fun because we did them year after year and we saw the same people and got the same crazy bean bag frogs every year. (In different colors of course.) Plus we always got yummy food...funnel cakes, homemade cookies...the good stuff. So I kinda knew what to expect on the day of. I had no idea though as to the amount of work required to get ready. I knew it was going to be work...but I still had no idea. :)

Life got a little CrAzY last week...hence the lack of posts. By Friday I was beyond tired, having pulled all nighters for far too many nights. I snapped some pictures of my table, which was a little tight, but it worked. :)

The stockings were a huge hit...the personalized reindeer ones came out looking adorable.

I love the cuffs!!!! The red at the top and zig zag stitch makes it perfect!

The quiet books. Weren't quite hot sellers. I redesigned my Nativity Quiet book, I was crossing my fingers it didn't sell...and it didn't! (I want it for us. Maybe if you ask really nice I will sell it to you!)

Crayon Rolls. The sleeper hit. Truly. I sold every last one.

The owl totes. A blue one was made at the last minute. :)

And lastly a Santa bib. A last minute idea...super cute.

Overall it was a success, far more than I expected. It really boosted my confidence and I met lots of nice people. I was asked if I was doing some of the various city Craft Shows in the Spring, which I had no idea about, so I am encouraged to apply and the larger shows out.

I was hoping to post more of the items I made for the show in my shop, but they sold! I made a whole "pirate" line...and it was gone fast...even before I took pictures. :( So hopefully I can recreate it after Christmas. I also had my advents, they were behind my table...on a pile of chairs.
All the remaining items are up in the shop. All are made and ready to find a home...

Thanks for all the support from my family & friends, I couldn't have done it without YOU!


  1. Congrats! And I'd love to see the pirate line. How fun!

  2. Wow! You're amazing! I love the owl totes. And I bet your pirate line was to die for! :) Now get some rest, silly girl!!

  3. you mention 'pirate' and we all get excited... and wait... for maybe one day you'll recreate it for us all to see. :) congrats on the success of the craft show!

  4. Congrats. I too want to know what was in the pirate line...

  5. Thanks girls!!! Wow, you all mentioned the pirate "line". I will get to it after Christmas.

    Who knew we all loved pirates so much?!?!

  6. LeAnne! I miss you. I want to hear how you are doing. Do you have a blog where you post pictures and how you and Jonathan are doing?

  7. You are amazing. I am sad that we missed seeing it all in person, thanks to one sick kid at our house. I can't wait to see the pirate boys LOVE pirates!

  8. All of your stuff looks amazing. I can't imagine making enough to fill a craft show booth! Good job.

  9.! It's all too cute, I knew you were creative, but man! You're good! :) Love you and Merry Christmas!


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