Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Five Things I Am Excited About...

(This is what mine will look like....except just add 2 feet of snow, blustery winds creating drifts, and people who look like eskimos...then you will have my future Hobby Lobby to a 'T'.)
1. Hobby Lobby. It is coming!!! In a previous post, I mentioned my new found love for Hobby Lobby. Today I was checking online in hopes of finding when my local store would be opening. Drum roll is coming March 9th! I am soooo excited. Anyone want to come to the Grand Opening with me? I am serious. :)
2. Hearts! Hearts! Hearts! I am almost up to 100 hearts in my Etsy shop! I just hit 25 sales so I am pretty proud of all that happening in less than six months. To celebrate almost being to 100 hearts I made a cute heart apron yesterday. No picture yet, but it way cute.

3. Personal Projects! I have been so busy with projects for the shop that my shelf of projects has been pretty neglected. These are the things "in process" that I hope to have done soon.

Apron - mine is black and white

Sewing Machine Cover & Sewing Machine Mat - Totally inspired by this cover & I adore Candace's shop. I am thinking red polka dots for mine. :) I haveplans for this mat-with-pockets-that-will-hold-all-those-pesky-threads....not sure what to call it. But it is coming together in my head.

Table Runners & loving this new blog
Purse - Ohhh I am in love. The pattern is coming!

4. Giveaways! February is going to be a fun month! I am planning some giveaways to celebrate six months of my shop being open. (And also celebrating 100 hearts and 25 sales!!!) Stay tuned.

5. Life in general. I truly am so blessed. Everyday I am reminded of how wonderful life is and the amazing blessings that I have in my life. I love my family, life, and all that I am able to experience.

Yay! I hope everyone is having a marevleous day. I am except for the 5" of addtional snow that fell last night and this morning. I think that brings the grand total to 22"ish of snow on the ground. Joy!

See ya!


  1. I already own more aprons than I possibly could need, but mercy, I am in love with that one.

  2. I can't believe you have survived so long with a Hobby Lobby! Be sure to sign-up online for a weekly email of their specials and coupon...

    Your new shop items are super cute :)

  3. Isn't that apron great?!?!

    I know. After visiting a Hobby Lobby in AZ I wonder how did I ever function before.

    I will go in to Joann's needing something say to myself, "Blast, this is JOANN's not Hobby Lobby."

  4. Hi! I found your Blog through Jen's Blog (via the Tarapchak Auction) I'm her sister (fingers crossed that gets me bonus points :-) But you ever sell those aprons? I'm the one who used to work for Martha Stewart...and I feel like she would agree I need one of those to truly celebrate my Brooklyn Baking!

  5. Melissa,

    Thanks for your comment. Sadly, I am not the designer of that apron. I only wish I was as creative as her. However, you can buy the pattern from her etsy shop. I thought I had linked to her in the original post but I left out the link!

    I can't make them and sell them because of copyrights. But she does have some cottage distributors who sell her aprons ready-made; if you don't sew.

    Hope that helps!

    You use to work for Martha? Swoon! What was that like? I have a dream of going to her show one day.


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