Friday, January 30, 2009

A Pirate's Life For Me

Yo ho yo ho...

You know the song. I just thought it was fitting to have that jolly roger of a song preface these fun pirate items. (Bytheway...does anyone out there not LOVE pirates?)

Here are some of the pirate items that will be gracing the shop. (These are the ones that sold out at my craft show in a flash.) One is still in the works...and it is a big one. So you will just have to wait for that one. :)

A little tote and a crayon roll. The perfect pair. I still have a bit of a craving for all things pirate, so I am sure there will be additions.

Happy Friday! It is pizza night...yum. :)


  1. I love pretend pirates. Not Somalian pirates.

  2. Thanks for linking us and joining our eavesdropping emails.
    great site!

  3. drats, i wanted mean pirates with skulls and cannons!!!

    by the way, did mom tell you i had to SEW?! i hate sewing. it stinks. i rather go buy a new shirt than sew a new button. so with this clever logic, i had to sew my patches and badges to my bsa shirt. it took me 45mins to do four. i'm not cut out for a sweatshop, that's for sure!!!


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