Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Giveaway Results

And the winner is............

#10 which, after you factor in 'extra' entries and whatnot, the winner is Nick and Ashley who said:
Katie sent me here...I love the book! My favorite dessert is soft serve forzen yogurt! (Big Spoon here I come!). I also posted a link to your blog on mine!

Thanks everyone who entered! I now am having some serious cravings for some good desserts!

Oh and I have a tutorial to work on...any suggestions?!?!


  1. oh man. I really wanted this pattern. guess I'll just have to buy it when I have time to actually work on a project. =)

  2. desserts...hmmm. james and i were at costco the other day and i was looking at the bakery area at the various cheesecakes and he asked me if the chocolate one was looking good to me and i said "heck no, you crazy?! yuck!" and he said "good, just checking!". the way i had a hint that i was prego was when i saw a piece of chocolate cake and actually WANTED it. since you might not know my food preference that well, i am not a fan of chocolate. so the cake was pretty significant!

    what a random comment. oh well! see ya kids when you get here to the az.

  3. i am curious about your banner (spooky) - and the quiet books. would love to see a tutorial on one of those.


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