Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrate Good Times = Giveaway Time

If February had 31 days, then on that day my shop would celebrate its six month anniversary! Since there is no February 31st (that just looks weird) I decided I get to pick the day of the official six month anniversary. So since I feel like celebrating today, it is today! Wahooo!!!

The shop has kind of blogged my mind in the fact that I actually have sold things. I remember writing an email to my mom with the exact words "I hope I sell something". In 6 months I have gained 123 hearts, 32 sales - not counting off Etsy sales, done a show, and have sewed whenever I can get a chance. I still love it and I am so happy that my hobby is something that is both enjoyable and practical.

So without further gift in celebration to one lucky person is the pattern to my Numbers Quiet Book! It will be emailed in a PDF to you!

Wahoo again!

So to enter include the following in a comment in THIS post:
1. Leave your name
2. Your favorite dessert!
3. An email ONLY if needed to contact you

Oh I should mention you will get TWO extra entries for mentioning this on your blog! Just make sure you leave a comment saying you did that so I know to check your blog. I would love to hear from all of you and can't wait to see who wins the pattern!

Oh I should mention, you need to comment by Monday March 2nd at 12:00 midnight EST. I will use that nifty random number whatever that everyone uses. (I am kinda secretly excited to try out that nifty thing.)

I also want to do some other fun celebration check back over the next week!!!!

So go...leave comments, share the news...


  1. That is so lovely. A hundred times cuter than the ones in the stores.

    I love creme brulee. Mmmm.

  2. I agree...this little book is so cute! My favorite desert is cheesecake. Any flavor, it doesn't matter what kind, I like it all!

  3. Love this book. Lets see. My favorite baked dessert is probably better than sex cake.

  4. Cute book. i love it! hm, it is hard to choose a favorite dessert. I do love a good old fashioned apple pie with icecream.

  5. Hi! I put you on my blog, and if I win you can laugh! :) I love your stuff so I had to enter... maybe Aubrey can help me! :) And as for my favorite dessert, I would have to say anything with chocolate... yeah, that covers it!

  6. You are so cute and creative! Ummmm all you have to do is say dessert and I am in heaven. But I would say cheesecake. Yep, cheesecake. Lets get together and have a dessert party. I'll paln it, and invite so of the girls over. Dessert only!

  7. you are so creative, thanks for sharing your cuteness with us.

    my favorite dessert is godiva cheesecake from the cheesecake factory.


  8. Katie sent me here...I love the book! My favorite dessert is soft serve forzen yogurt! (Big Spoon here I come!). I also posted a link to your blog on mine!

    Ashley Crown

  9. Its Aubrey :) My favorite dessert is oreos and my email is PS I love your stuff and wish I could be like you. (Seriously)

  10. Katie sent me here. I love the book sooo super cute. I am posting your link on my blog as well.

    I love brownies,with chocolate frosting and vanilla icecream, yummm!!

    My e-mail is

  11. I'm too late for the giveaway, but just wanted to say how adorable your quiet books are! What little boy wouldn't adore the pirate book? I'm so glad to see that you are offering the pattern on Etsy :)


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