Monday, April 27, 2009

The Top Ten

Surprise, surprise, I love a good project! I have slowed down as of late but am starting to get back in the groove. Trust me, I have plenty off projects waiting to be done or started, but I thought I would share my 'Top Ten' with you all today.

All my projects have links, so this post may have a bit of a 'show and tell' feel. So join in on the fun and do the same on your blog! Just tell us that you will be sharing on your blog in the comments. That way we can all see what each other is up to or get some new ideas!

(Don't think it has to be sewing related, recipes, home projects, etc...whatever you are into! You'll notice, all mine aren't 'crafty' or involve sewing.)

1. I have to finish two quilts. I have to admit, I am not a fast quilter. I love quilting but they just take me forever. The first one is done except for backing, quilting, and binding. The second is definitely not as close. The second quilt was my project I was working on before I started my shop...then that happened and it kinda got lost. :)

2. Reuseable Dusters and Swiffer Pads. I think making your own reuseable dusters and swiffer pads is a great idea. (I love finding easy ways to go 'green'.)

3. Cloth Napkins. Just look at them. So cute...but what colors should I do?!
picture from the

4. Homemade Cleaning Supplies. Yet another way to go green! This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I have been waiting to 'run out' of our regular supplies. (Throwing away half-full bottles of store-bought cleaners for the sake of 'going green' hardly seemed appropriate.)

5. Table Runner. I've mentioned this before, but I just got my charms to make it! Only $3.75 a pack through my coop...SWEET deal.

6. 72 Hour Kits. Food storage and being more 'prepared' has been on my 'traits to develop list' lately. :) Especially considering where we are moving to, 72 Hour Kits may be very handy eventually. This idea has you putting them in old milk jugs, but it isn't the most pratical choice in my eyes. However, I like the simplicity of the recommended items and all your family's food could easily be in one backpack. Then I thought clothing and other supplies can go in another. Just my opinion on it all. :)

7. New Purse. I mentioned this purse before, but I just got my pattern from said Coop. I read the pattern the other night and seems pretty straight forward. Gotta love a new purse, espeically a sassy one.

8. Food Storage. Continuing on with my food storage and prepardness kick, I love the Food Storage Network. I LOVE it . There are three blogs that tell you how to plan, buy, and eat your food storage. (On a daily and realistic basis.) Lots of info, but lots of GOOD and pratical info. My favorite part of the Food Storage Network are the recipes. (The eat it part.) I have used several of her recipes and I can agree that they are DELICIOUS! You can also sign up for weekly emails that tell you what to buy over the course of a year to build a strong food storage for your family. Why do I think food storage is important? (Not because I am afraid of the end of the world.) However, some of my reasons are: having food on hand for hard-economic times, emergecies, and simply because I like to be prepared.
9. 30 Meals. I found this idea just this morning. I have been typing all my favorite recipes up for my own cookbook, inspired by my sister-in-law Lyndi. However, I like this idea too. I have our favorite recipes that I use frequently but this idea makes so much sense. I think it would also help with my food storage organization and what not.

10. Diaper Bag. I have the fabric waiting in the rafters. The outside will be a chocolate brown damask inside, cream and sage polka dots.
So there it is! I know I am going to be busy!!! However, these are projects that are not only crafty and fun, but things that will help my family be more organized and prepared.
Two other random things:
I read this great article this morning on Make and Takes. It talks about how we can teach our children how to be more charitable and giving. I thought it was great!
Oh and if you need some projects for your little ones, check these out.


  1. I keep the food portion of my 72-hour kit in a shopping bag (an Ann Taylor bag, to be specific) and everything else in a gym bag I got for $4 at Walmart. The milkjugs just don't seem convenient. Maybe if you had a lot of kids and everyone had to carry their own, but evacuation isn't a big concern here, anyway.

  2. I have a so-called "72 hour kit" but mine is called "tornado kit". We live smack dab in the middle of tornado alley and have a cellar and have it stocked with stuff "just in case". Love this blog. This entry gave me alot to think about. Just may do a quick survey of our stuff because we are already having tornadoes break out in the last few days here. Have a great week!!!

  3. Man you are so creative!! And the purse on the cover of that book is divine!! Good luck with all your projects... I'm still searching for the energy to start some ;)


  4. Way to go, friend!
    My list is endless......

    BUT, in keeping with the spirit of your post, I've been dappling in photography lately...

    So, here's my "photography gallery", for show and tell. :)

    I'm definitely an amateur, but someday I'll get where I want to be! :)

    Sending love your way!


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