Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moving Sale

So my life has been full of changes as of late. One of the changes is the fact that we are moving across the country this summer. :) So in the frenzy of deciding 'Do I really need this?' that surrounds moving, I am cleaning out my inventory for my shop. Everything is now listed at a reduced price, including seasonal items. Old items will be resisted to the store in the coming days, so maybe your favorite item will return! Who knows! Also, if you buy three or more items, shipping is on me. :)

I hope to be back in full swing with sewing/tutorials/regular blog posts when we are settled by the first part of June. In the meantime, life is going to be full of boxes, packing tape, and lots of goodbyes. :(

See ya!! Off to pack another box.


  1. Good luck moving, especially twice :). Too bad I cant be there to help.

  2. Wishing you luck! Moving is no fun! Your work is darling and I hope you enjoy the DS101 site. :)


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