Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday!

The summer months are just a huge 'birthday marathon' in my family. I had a hard time keeping up with everyone's birthdays this it is without surprise that my shop's birthday totally snuck up on me.

It is crazy to think I have been Etsy for a whole year! I started it on a whim and amazed at what has evolved over the last year. I am still learning and having fun all along the way.

So to celebrate, this week I have various little things planned:
  • free shipping on all Countdown and Advent Calendars
  • two new tutorials for you all :)
  • maybe a giveaway....
  • some new items
  • whatever other ideas may pop into my head this week :)
So thanks to all of you for reading, my great customers, and family and friends for all their support.

That cupcake is looking awfully tasty....maybe I'll make some of those too.

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