Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tutorial: Sewing Machine Cover

I actually made this project awhile ago, but am now just getting around to posting the tutorial. The cover that came with my machine was clear vinyl that got ripped and looking quite tragic very quickly. There are a few different sewing machine covers floating around out there...but most of them are the same general concept. Here is my take on it.

So without adieu the before and after shots...

Pretty tragic, eh?

Much better!


around 2/3 yard of fabric for front (depending on your measurements)
around 2/3 yard of fabric for backing (depending on your measurements)
batting, if desired (cut about 2 inches larger on all sides than your front and lining pieces)
2 yards ribbon
embelishments (if desired)

The exact measurements for this will depend on your machine. Measure the width of your machine, then measure from the front to back of your machine. Add 1" to each measurement to include your seam allowance, which will be 1/2".

1. Cut your front fabric and lining appropriately. (I cut my front fabric and lining to 19" x 28".) Cut your batting roughly larger than your front and lining. (I cut my batting 23" x 32".)

2. Add embelishments if desired. This is where I had some fun. I added ric rac and a felt flower. I love jumbo ric rac!

3. To help you know where to put your embelishments, drape your front fabric on your sewing machine. Then measure where you want your embelishments to end up, mark if appropriate. I added my ric rac about 5" from the bottom. Then I sewed straight down the middle of my ric rac to attach.

4. Felt flower. I love all the little things you can make with felt. Here is a quick run down how I made mine. My largest circle measured 2 1/4" across. My smallest circle is a different color because all white just looked 'blah'.

5. Stack felt circles together....I know it looks like a fried egg.

6. Attach button with embroidery floss. This will hold all the circles together.

7. Then, I ran some quick running stitches through each leaf.

8. Then layer your leaves and flower and attach using hot glue.

9. Place on cover in desired position. Securely attach using hot glue.

10. Marking the sewing lines, if you are adding batting. I wanted batting to make my cover a little more sturdy. Place your cover on your machine and measure where you want to put your sewing lines. I wanted mine to line up with the top edges of my machine. (Remember to account for your extra 1/2" on each end for seam allowances. I marked two sewing lines 13"on my cover. I measured 13" from the front bottom edge and 13" from the back bottom edge.

11. Add ribbons to close the sides. Cut your ribbon into four 18" lengths. Seal the ends. I added mine 6 1/2" from the bottom of my cover. Place the ribbons to the inside of your cover. Pin the ends then pin to the middle so you don't catch what will be the ends you tie while you sew.

12. Place the batting under the front of your fabric. The right side of the front fabric should be facing up. Pin securely.

13. Sew your batting to your front cover by following your sewing lines.

14. After attaching the batting, trim your batting to match your front cover.

15. Place your lining on top of your cover, right sides together and pin.

(I've lost the pictures for these last steps...sorry! Dunno what happened to them. Just leave a comment if you have a question.)

16. Sew around your cover using 1/2" seam allowance. Leave about a 5" - 6" opening on one of the sides for turning. Trim corners

17. Turn your cover and press. Turn the raw edges of the opening to the inside so they no longer show. Press and pin in place. Top stitch around the edge of your cover being sure to catch the opening. I used a wide zig zag stitch.

18. Place cover on machine and tie the ribbons in bows to close the sides of your cover. And you are done!

I also made a matching sewing basket to match and I love that. It is a great place to stash all those things you need while sewing, like peanut M & M's. :)


  1. Great job! It looks so cute. I love the ric rac and the flower. You have a great eye for making things awesome!

  2. Fate! I was just thinking this morning, " I should make a sewing machine cover." Ta-da! Thank you LeAnne! Although it will have to go down on my list for awhile...I just completed some big projects and I am wiped. Did you see them on my blog? I need to post a final pic of my dining room table.

    Anyway, I hope you are doing well! Thanks for the inspiration.


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