Friday, August 21, 2009

Sock & Glove Animals & Great Place to Find the Gloves

I just was at Joann's stocking up on thread, BOGO this weekend, and while I was in the LOOONG check out line I spotted some great deals in their $1 bins. They had a load of the stretch gloves that are perfect for making the cute animals in Sock and Glove. You get a pair for a dollar. At my Joann's in Florida, they had them in white, gray, sage green, and pink. (I figure if you can find gloves at a Joann's in can find them most anywhere else.)

If you haven't made any but don't want to buy the book you can get the bunny and dog patterns for free off of Martha Stewart's site. My mom has the book and I flipped through it A LOT this summer but never could find gloves in the dead of summer! In my opinion a great book to get or if you are like me get it from the library.


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