Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pattern Giveaway Time!!!

The Pirate Quiet Book Pattern is ready! Just because, lets do a giveaway...

So leave a comment by Sunday at Midnight EST and maybe you could be making one as a Christmas present this year! Oh an addition to the pattern is an option to make the pirate a boy or a girl. Because girls love pirates too!

In your comment share your name and your favorite holiday! The holiday season is almost here and I am soooo excited.

My name is LeAnne and my favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. I love everything about it! The music, colors, smells, food, traditions, kindness...everything.

Here are the pages:


  1. Hi. My name is Katie. I LOVE Halloween! I love to dress up and dress up anyone else who will let me and I LOVE chocolate candy! Oh! And it is the best time ever to visit Disneyland! :)

  2. Hi, I am Becca and I Love Christmas- I go overboard every year!

    The Pirate book you made is perfect!!

  3. Hello~ My name is Carlie. Right now my favorite holiday is Halloween. Every year I have a family party & my little family dresses up according to a theme. Last year we were Star Wars characters. My little girls are now 15 months old and I can still dress them up in anything I want. :) I love the pirate book!

  4. Hi my name is may know me! I love the pirate book, it is super cute! My favorite Holiday is Christmas, there is so much magic in the season. Since having kids it has gotten even better. I love to see it through their eyes. You are the best!

  5. My name is Becca, and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I love food and there is no stress to buy anyone a present!

  6. I'm Renee and my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love everything about it (except the snow).

  7. Hi! My name is Kari and my favorite holiday is by far, Christmas. I love the spirit of the season. I also love decorating the house for Christmas.

  8. My name is Heidi and Christmas and Halloween are my faaaaaavorite holidays. My dad's favorite holiday is Christmas and my mom's is Halloween, so I'm not surprised I love them both nearly equally.

  9. My name is Jennifer and I love Christmas! I love making crafts for friends and family. Everything is so "store-bought" anymore, everyone is so pleased to receive a really nice, hand-made gift! And I love making them!

  10. My name is Nikki and my favorite is definitely Christmas but I truly love any excuse to bake, craft, entertain, etc.

  11. Hi LeAnne! LOVE the blog, everything is so cute and fabulous!!
    Okay, I want a chance to win this giveaway...My name is Elise, and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, it's all about family, food, and being grateful...what more could you want?!

  12. My name is sister Kristen told me about your fantastic blog! My favorite holiday is little boy was even born on Christmas last year! Your cute pirate book would be the perfect first Christmas/birthday gift:)


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