Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanks Martha!

About a month ago I was checking my site meter and noticed a lot of traffic via Martha Definitely a happy surprise and a total shock! I was curious though as to what was bringing the traffic. I clicked on the referring link and realized it was my Halloween Countdown Calendar. Last year I submitted a picture of my Halloween Countdown Calendar when they were asking for pictures of 'Halloween Crafts'. I of course was so flattered that it made their list and that people found it cute like I did. I was so excited I did took a screen shot and sent it to my mom and told my family of course!

Today I got Martha's Craft of the Day and it is a link to the list of Halloween Crafts from last year. So if you get Martha's Craft of the Day email, click on it and I am the second one on the list!!!! even be associated with Martha is so flattering and just amazing.

So welcome to Martha's readers! I hope you find an idea you like!

Remember the giveaway is still going on...just scroll down one post. :)

Happy Friday! Next week I have lots planned...hopefully two tutorials.


  1. Oh Leanne that is so exciting!!! You totally deserve it because you are so talented!! CONGRAT'S!!


    PS how's that little baby coming along? ;) Almost here?

  2. wow that's great! Martha is so amazing, you'll have loads more exposure now, well done!!! :)

  3. whoo-hoo! Great Job LeAnne! You are so amazing.

  4. That's so cool! I absolutely LOVE your website. Thank you for sharing all the fun you have with felt. I, like your self, am obsessed with felt. It's so cheep and fun things can be made with it. I was looking back through your old posts and saw one where you wanted a pork salad from Cafe Rio. I have a "homemade" version of the recipe that I got in a cookbook I bought. If you'd like, I can email it to you. Congrats on being a Martha celebrity, hehe.


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