Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Favorite Tutorials: Purses & Bags

I've decided to start a new little segment called Favorite Tutorials. I know there are a gazillion blogs out there that collect all the tutorials out on the blogosphere. So every now and then, I will post of collection of my favorite tutorials on a given subject. I will have tried at least one, and make a SHORT list of ones I want to try. I thought my favorite accessory of purses would be a perfect place to start.

I love purses! My daily purse is my beloved diaper bag. However, everyone needs a fun purse especially when going out without the diaper bag.

My all time favorite purse tutorial, the Buttercup Bag by Made by Rae.

This tutorial is quick, easy to follow, and only requires a fat quarter! (A fat quarter is a 18"x 22" piece of fabric, or a 1/2 yard cut in half width wise.) It is the perfect size for a wallet, cell phone, keys, and Chapstick. The essentials in my book. The instructions are very straight forward and easy to follow. I did change how I attached the strap. I also like adding some interfacing to the strap on this bag. Just makes it a bit more durable.

Another great tutorial is the Hip Mama Diaper Bag Tutorial by A Mingled Yarn.

This was my basis for my diaper bag. I added a zipper closure and again made my strap different. It is a great bag tutorial.

Tutorials /Patterns I Want to Try:

Scrappy Clutch by From An Igoo
I absolutely ADORE the fabric she uses, it is Flourish by Studio E. It is being discontinued so I need to get my hands on some.

The Weekender by Amy Butler

I want to make my own 'weekend/overnight' bag. This one seems just right. Anyone out there tried it?

Do you have any purse tutorials/patterns YOU love? Leave a comment if you do!

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  1. i have the amy butler pattern, but haven't tried it yet. let's do it together!!

  2. That buttercup bag looks like the PERFECT weekend project!!! Thanks so much!!!

  3. I've never tried it but I've heard the Weekender Bag is a beast to put together. Everyone says they love it once it's done though!

  4. Deanna -- Have fun making the bag! It is a great weekend project. :)

    Andrea -- Thanks for the tip. I just did some reading on the Weekender Bag and they said the same. BEASTOLA. (totally not a word) So I may look for a similar bag so I actually enjoy sewing after the project is done. :)

  5. Kristen --

    Lets do it. I just emailed you. :)

  6. I can't have enough bags in my closet...so thanks for the links!

  7. I love the Phoebbe purse from artsy crafty babe.

    I have lots of free tutorials on my blog:


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