Thursday, May 6, 2010

To Do Projects: Pincushions

The most basic of sewing supplies; the pincushion. I've been wanting to replace my giant red polka dot one with ric rac that I made last summer...

It turned out a little more 'giant' than I anticipated.

Cute...but I am phasing out of my red and brown phase. I am loving bright colors right now; aquas, pink, turquoise, yellow.....I know quite the change. I've been eyeing some of Heather Bailey's adorable pincushion patterns. Bright and colorful, just what I want.

I am loving the little turtle, it is just too cute. She has kits for all the above patterns, which would be so convenient, but with the pattern that is a $$$ little pincushion.

Then of course I could buy one off of Etsy. (Plus sometimes I enjoy just buying it instead of making it myself.)  However, searching 'pincushion' results in far too many pages for me to search through. As I am trying to limit computer time...not wasting it on that.

Eh. Maybe I'll just stick with the red and brown one.


  1. Ha Ha! That is funny that we were just talking about this. This is the Anna Marie Horner one

  2. I bought pear and tangerine pincushions from this lady a few years ago -- They are ADORABLE! I just checked, though, and her prices have more than doubled what I paid for mine.

    There is a Yahoo group called crazyaboutpincushions that offers great inspiration and lots of free pattern links!


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