Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Summer Dress

Have you seen all the fun summer dress tutorials out there? There are so many!

This little dress I am going to share with you is going to be but a needle in the haystack of simple dress tutorials out there. However, I've made it  a few many times and I have to say it is very quick, very easy, and oh so sweet.

This dress involves shirring. Which, if you haven't done, is highly addictive because you will be amazed at just how EASY it is and  how CUTE it looks.

There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to shirr.  I am not about re-inviting the wheel, but everyone has the way that they shirr.  From reading different tutorials out there and my own experience, how you will shirr depends on your machine. So this tutorial will really be two tutorials:

Click here for the tutorial on How to Shirr - If you know how to shirr, just head on down to the dress.  If not, you can read my two cents or click through to another tutorial out there to see what works best for you!

Click here for the Sweet Summer Dress - The tutorial.

Either way, shirring is a great skill to learn. It makes making cute dresses a piece of cake!

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