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Sewing on a Budget - Part Two: Shopping at Hobby Lobby

Thanks for all the tips on the last 'Sewing on a Budget' post. I will be doing a post with all your suggestions! Keep them coming!!!

Shopping at Hobby Lobby

I love Hobby Lobby. Nuf said.

The sales aren't as great as Joann's but I still go there for specific items because I can get them cheaper than Joann's. They also have a weekly coupon on their website
Kona Cotton
  • Kona Cotton - I love Kona Cotton. It's regular price at Joann's & Hobby Lobby is $5.99. At Hobby Lobby it is ALWAYS on sale for 30% off. Typically, I get it at Hobby Lobby. Yes, I could use my coupon at Joann's but I am closer to a Hobby Lobby. I figure I'd eat the extra 10% in savings by driving/extra time spent. I use Kona for clothing and quilting. Plus it comes in EVERY color!!!
  • broad cloth - A huge step down from Kona Cottons, but still does a great job. At Hobby Lobby, it is usually about  $1.87 a yard. But with a hot 40% off coupon in your hand...nice! I use broad cloth for linings, especially in totes. I use a load of broadcloth so I usually buy 10 yards at a time with a coupon.
  • ribbon - Most of the time it is on sale for 50% off. You can get usually around 15 feet/5 yards for .99 cents. Great deal! And they have a great ribbon selection
  • cotton prints - Often are much cuter than Joann's and always 30% off! 
  • tulle on a spool - (wow that rhymes) Often this is on sale for $1.99 for a 25 yard spool  of 6" wide tulle. (Great color selection.) This is great for the no-sew tutus and for decorations.
  • clearance section - I love to dig through the clearance in the fabric section. I've found many fun trims, fabrics, and notions for a steal. 
My list of 'regular' items at Hobby Lobby is much shorter than Joann's but still worth my time. I also love the fact that they are closed on Sunday. Everyone needs a day off.

Any tips for shopping at Hobby Lobby?

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    1. One of the great things about shopping for fabric at Hobby Lobby is that they get shipments in all the time. Also, any fabric that they stock- they will continue to stock for 2 years. So, if you need more, you can always go back and find it!

    2. I've never heard of a Hobby Lobby! Sounds great!

    3. I've never been to Hobby Lobby! But, there is one down the street from my mother... it's just that I forget that it is there because I'm always at In-N-Out! Ha! One day though.... :)

    4. I totally agree with Cole's Corner! You definitely don't have to worry as much about not being able to find a fabric like you do at Joanns. I love hobby lobby also for their sales on home decor items! They always host 50% off their home decor at some point. And even better, their prices are generally cheap to begin with!

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