Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halloween Aprons

I've been getting a little itchy to 'try something new'. I love my little 'niche', but it was getting time to try some new things.  So I while I was browsing the internet for some new fabric, my eyes kept drifting over to my large stash of fabric. I quickly exed the idea for new fabric and matched up these yummy fabrics to make a fun little Halloween apron.

I think it would be an adorable part of a witch costume. Don't you?

All fabrics came from my stash, oh it felt nice to use it up!

Polka dots, ric rac, gathers, and ruffles. What a marvelous combo.

Do you think it would look as cute in an adult size?

Oh and don't you worry Christmas ones are on the way too! The above pictured apron is up and listed in my shop.

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