Thursday, September 2, 2010

Star Struck

How many of you have seen a famous person? I have only seen a handful and depending on who, I  think it is pretty cool or just 'meh'.

Well the other day I saw a famous person, at least in the sewing/amazing fabric world, and thought it was beyond cool. I was at Hobby Lobby buying binder rings and I glanced over to the next register and who do I see...Heather Bailey! Yep. (See even Heather Bailey shops at Hobby Lobby.)

I am beyond certain she saw me do a double take. Then I began to feel super self-conscious. Why? Because I was running around with the Marlo Bloom handbag that I made, which is her design. (However, I didn't use her fabric, the fabric below is Morning Glory from Amy Butler.)

I hope it made her smile, because I know I would if I saw someone running around town with one of my Owl Totes. Although one of my friends told me she saw someone at a show with one of my owl totes...that made me really smile....but I digress.  I wish I could have thought of something clever to say. 'Hi' would have been a good place to start. But sigh, I was beyond star struck.

So. Needless to say that little event made my very ordinary life seem a little more special that day.

Oh FYI, the Marlo Bloom pattern is beyond awesome and makes a great gift. Just a warning when you make it and use it, be prepared to be stopped ALL the time asking where you bought it. Then you get to say 'I made it' and most people won't believe you. ;)


  1. Wow! That is pretty cool. Does she live around there? Cute purse too by the way. You are super talented.

  2. I would have frozen up, too! I saw Orville Redenbacher in a stationary store one time, and the way I acted, you'd have thought he was George Clooney (who was probably a teenager at that time...sigh). Love your bag, and I bet she was tickled to see it!

  3. Great bag! I would ask about that too. Isn't it funny how you freeze up when you see a famous person?? What is that? That's awesome that she was at Hobby Lobby!

  4. I want one of these bags! Super Cute! Where have I been! Somehow if I lost it on my blog list and I have not been on your blog for sooooooooo long! I have missed out. Thanks for the comment on my blog to help me find you. We should definitely get together! Email me and we can make a date :)


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