Monday, November 8, 2010

The Christmas 'to make' list - Decorations

How many of you have a growing project list for Christmas?  {raises hand}

I found two Christmas decoration projects that are are at the top of my list to make this year. To be honest, my list is much longer, but I this short list is much more realistic in what I can accomplish.

1. Christmas Lanterns. Aren't these beautiful? I think it would look lovely on a table or in an entry way. You wouldn't even have to light the candles. However,  I have an issue with the directions. They don't tell you where they purchased the LANTERN! I love the lantern they used and would love to get one. (I wouldn't mind getting a lantern in a smaller size though, watch the video and you will see it is rather large.)

2.  Patchwork Pillows. I love when my Ballard Designs catalog arrives in the mail. I saw these great pillows the other day but about dropped dead when I saw the price... $75.00!  But wait for it. That is cost per pillow!  (Of course, this is Ballard Designs, but still.) I could make dozens of my own pillows for that price. I will definitely attempt to make a knock-off version.

That is truly my 'short' list of Christmas projects. Even still, with it being only the beginning of November, my list is sure to grow. Anyone else find any Christmas decorations to DIY?

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  1. Tstertots and jello has a tutorial for knock-off versions of those pillows I think. Also, I've seen lanterns like that at IKEA. I hope that helps! :)



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