Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blushing Big Time

The other day, I received a little surprise and note in the mail from Lissa over at Moda. It was a copy of a  new publication by BH&G called Perfect for Precuts. (Random tid bit...For some reason I had Harry Potter on the brain and thought 'Perfect for Prefects'... again... random.)

I though 'Oh that was nice that Lissa sent me a copy!' After flipping through and getting excited about some of the projects, I flipped over to the back of the magazine. And what did my eyes behold?!! My name and quilt immortalized in print. (I have never been in a magazine before!) I about died!

Edit: You can find the full tutorial for the pictured quilt on or click here to go directly to the tutorial. You can find all the recipes I've done for Moda by clicking here.

Personal Note: Thanks Lissa for capitalizing my A, you don't know how many times people have 'corrected'  my name because they thought I made a typo or thought LeAnne should be spelled another way. (Which of course it can...but you know what I mean.) Let's not even mention that every year in HS I had my name engraved on my year book and each year it was spelled differently.  Since of course, I know how to spell my own name, I wrote 'LeAnne' on the form and I would get spellings like Leann, Leeann, Le ann, or Lee anne. (Each year it was different.) I mentioned the whole saga of my name...sorry for the tangent. :)

It really looks like a great publication so if you want more info check out this post over at the Cutting Table.

So there you go, thanks for letting me share a little fun moment for me with you all. :)

Happy Day to you all,



  1. LeAnne that is so awesome. I love that quilt. I am glad it made onto the back of the magazine. fun fun fun.

  2. Well that is the most exciting thing! Congratulations!

  3. WOoHooo!! That's SOO exciting!

  4. Whoo Hoo! It is a super cute quilt. Congratulatinos. You are so super talented. Also, did you see who featured you?
    Great work!

  5. I love your description of how people spell your name wrong. My name is Leann too and people constantly mess it up. My biggest laugh is when I email someone and they respond to me with my name wrong. The correct spelling is right in front of their face! My general philosophy is as long as it's right on a cheque!

    Congratulations on your quilt!

  6. Hi LeAnne - I came to your blog after falling in love with your quilt on the back of the magazine. Perhaps you could include a link for us newbies to your site that shows us where the entry is for this quilt? Thanks!


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