Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dress

So here is the finished dress! I love how it turned out. 

Working without a pattern has its challenges, like the skirt part didn't end up as full as I wanted it. I should have doubled the measurement of the entire bodice - both front and back - but sigh, I only doubled the front piece. Which of course gave me the measurement of the entire bodice. Opps. I had a total Tim Gunn from Project Runway 'make it work' moment. I had to laugh at myself for that mistake. But I made it work. The real success of this project was that I had it finished three days before Easter. Go me. (That was not the case last year.) My other two Easter to-do not happen. So is life. :)

I hope to share some more finished projects in the next couple of days. I've been making some fun little girl skirts, I made one in less than two hours. Nice. I also have a Moda Bakeshop recipe in the works.  So lots is going on over here in sewing land, finally, but also lots of life is going on too. 

Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend. See you soon!



  1. So... I love the look of this dress so much that I made one too! With out a pattern! I even impressed my mother! :) I'll post a picture soon!

  2. It turned out DARLING. I love it. Love your fabric choices too.

  3. LeAnne! It's Bethany, from the good ol' days at Ricks. :) Who knew you were so incredibly talented! You do some beautiful work. I am so glad I found you (through Leah's blog). I love how the Easter dress turned out. Well done.

  4. Hi , I am just stopping by to tell you that I have used you flowers from you Moda Bakeshop quilt Growing- quilt. Thank you so much for a fun design !


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