Friday, July 8, 2011

Destash and Inventory Sale

If you haven't noticed, my shop has been totally on the back burner lately. A little thing called life has been in the numero uno position. However, I am gearing up for new items - including a new pattern - so I am clearing out old inventory and some personal supplies.

All inventory sale items should be listed by tomorrow and destash items will be listed over the next few weeks. (Hopefully sooner if Etsy's system can upload a picture faster than I can type this post.) So head on over to the shop to see all the items included in the Inventory and Destash Sale. (Click on the appropriate words to see the items sectioned off.) I have some super cute fat quarter and fat eighth bundles of vintage Christmas fabrics. I love them all bundled up with twine...gets me itching to start on some Christmas projects. See aren't they cute?

I also have some fun fabrics that I am sad to let go of, but I just keep on telling myself the stash is getting make room for new fabric?....destash LeAnne....destash LeAnne...

If these all aren't up when you click through...remember I typed this entire post waiting for Etsy to upload one set of pictures.

So there you go! A little sale for this fun weekend. Stay cool...


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