Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finished Project: A Piece of Cake Quilt

A finished quilt! I love how this one turned out and am proud at my first 'real' attempt at Free Motion Quilting. (More on that later.)
pattern: A Piece of Cake by Thimble Blossoms  fabric: Dream On by Urban Chiks for Moda

My quilting is not perfect by any means, but I am still very happy with it. This quilt came together amazingly fast, like one-and-a-half afternoons fast.  I would have been completely done sooner, like three months ago sooner, if I hadn't decided to do the quilting myself. I did a lot of reading and practicing before I attempted to Free Motion Quilt on this pretty little quilt.

The back was pieced with leftover layer cake squares which was nice because I didn't need as much backing material. I cut the backing so one piece was 28" x the length and one was 14" x length. Then I just sewed about 6 layer cake squares together then sewed those to the backing pieces. Easy peasy.

I also attempted bias binding on a quilt for the first time. Since I was using  stripe fabric for the binding, I wanted the stripes to be horizontal. Yikes. Usually cutting on the bias doesn't throw me but this time it did. Maybe it was the fact that I was cutting it out at 9:30 at night the day after a nasty nasty stomach bug. Ya. That was probably it. Also, the only difference from the pattern was the fact that I didn't add the borders.

So there you go! A quick and easy quilt. I wish I would have attempted a quilt like this for my first quilt, it would have made me fall in love with quilting much, much sooner.

Happy Thursday!



  1. It's very cute! I love the vintage feel of the fabrics.

  2. oh my gosh this is absolutely fantastic!! you've done an amazing job well done! :)


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