Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Pattern - Halloween Countdown Calendar isn't Monday. But I was able to get this done today and I just couldn't wait to post the pattern...
 I have one more fun Halloween goodie I am working that I think you all will love!

However, in the meantime, say 'hello' the Halloween Countdown Pattern.

You can get it for $5.00 through Tuesday, September 20th.

This countdown calendar is perfect for any family that loves counting down the days to trick or treating. This calendar has roomy pockets to hold counters (directions included for four different styles), candy, or anything else you can think of! 

You can even fit multiple counters in one pocket incase everyone needs their own counter.

Add some embroidery for fun...

or even some little buttons too.

Use the little details you love...
(houndstooth ribbon...swoon!)
and you will end up with one darling calendar that your family will enjoy for years to come.  

Hope you enjoy!

LeAnne :)

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