Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project Marathon 2011

The last few weeks have been busy. I jokingly say I've been exiled to my sewing room, which isn't a negative, to finish the l-o-n-g list of projects that I have to get done.

So do you want to see some of the projects?

I mention this one first because if I had a book entitled 'The Collective Sewing Works of LeAnne' this would be on the cover....but with better pictures. (Mainly because this was a lot of work and it turned out to be more of Rapunzel's ball gown than her little everyday dress she wears in the movie.)

 My little miss is going to be Rapunzel for Halloween. I broke down and bought the Simplicity pattern, I do not usually like big box patterns, but I can honestly say it was the best $0.99 I've EVER spent. (Not that it's an exceptionally amazing pattern or something, but because of the brain cells I saved by not figuring out this dress on my own.)

 My Wild Thing quilt top! Can I say how much I love love love this quilt?! It was so much fun to make. Lately, I haven't done borders and I decided to stop after one because I wasn't sure if I wanted  the second. Any suggestions? Add the second border or leave as is? The second border would be from this fabric.

Stockings for a customer who bought some stockings a couple of years back and wanted to finish out her set. Totally got me in the Christmas spirit...which leads me to say I totally listened to Christmas music while making them.

Pajama pants. I used the Kid Pant tutorial over at Made and whipped out, in record time, two pairs of pants. It is a great pattern/tutorial and I be using it for Christmas jammies. I will probably enlarge the pattern ever so slightly to allow for some 'comfy' room since they're jammies.

A little itty bitty baby dress and booties. (Leggings are Carter's.) I made a sweet little dress for my girl #2 who will be debuting in about 9 days. Yes, I am pregnant...or should I say almost DONE being pregnant. :) (Don't look too closely at the inside of the booties, they are a mess!) I love the little baby houndstooth print in red and pink! Precious!

A project that involves gray houndstooth fabric! Like just about everyone, I love houndstooth. I loved this project because it was quick, easy, and I got to use my new serger!  I actually got it back in August for my big 3-0 b-day.

The finished project above is crib bedding. I have been agonizing over finding the right fabric for this project. I wanted to keep it neutral for a boy or girl but I did not want to use traditional neutral colors or ANY tan. (Nothing against tan.)  I decided on gray because I could do gray with blue, yellow, or even green if I have a boy in the future and still do pink now. I made a crib sheet, it cost less than buying one, so I won't mind switching it out for a boy. (Plus we all know crib sheets get pretty worn from just one baby.) Best part about making this crib sheet - I made it from start to finish in under an hour. I haven't finished the quilt or mobile I have planned but those can come later.

Wow. I am almost worn out from just this post. Thanks for hanging in there with me.What projects have you been up to? Are you already thinking about handmade Christmas presesnts? I can't believe the time will soon be/is upon us!

Have a great Thursday!



  1. Congrats on expecting!! SO happy and excited for you and your sweet family! How sweet to soon have a pair of girls!! Best wishes... In 9 days and on. :D

  2. That dress is AMAZING! My Jane wanted to be Rapunzel but I talked her out of it. Mean right? I just don't have it in me this year.

  3. Wow. You are amazing. Seriously. I wanted to make a comment about each and every one. I am in love with the quilt and the Rapunzel costume the most. You are making me want to buy the quilt pattern. That is just a piece of heaven. With the Bliss fabric too. Oh, how i love it. It was fun seeing all the great things you have been up to lately. I hope your daughter loves her costume :)

  4. PS how did I not know you were pregnant and you are almost due. That seems wrong. Congrats :) I do love all the darling things you are making baby wise.....see I cannot help myself,I just wanted to comment on it all!

  5. LeAnne you sneaky little crafster! I can't believe you kept your pregnancy a secret til now! CONGRATs! And good luck with L &D! Everything you made is just perfection. You're so talented.

  6. Wow, look at you go! Your dress is beautiful. And, all the other projects are amazing. Now that they're finished you can just relax and go have that baby! :-) Congratulations!

  7. LeAnne! Congrats on baby girl #2. I had no idea you were preg. Love all the sewing. I especially love the houndstooth baby bedding. Love it! You are amazing.


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