Saturday, February 11, 2012

FYI: Lettering Kits

Lettering kits have been out of stock for awhile and I am getting quite a few emails asking when they will be back. Before I say anything else, I will be stocking a FEW (read: 5 or less) full kits very soon that will include a lettering kit. However, after that I don't know if I will be stocking lettering kits in the future. I have made many kits over the past two years and when I make them it is a full-time job for about two weeks. Also, JoAnn's has discontinued the Heat n' Bond Ultrahold 5 yard pack that I use. (I about died when I went to get some.) So the future of the lettering kits is very much up in the air. Just wanted to let y'all know. :)

Hope your week has been fantastic!

LeAnne :)

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