Monday, January 30, 2012

sewing organization tip

One thing about sewing that can get out of control super fast is organization. When I first started sewing, we had a tiny apartment and my sewing space was our kitchen table and a shelf in our hall closet. I had stacks for my projects and it got crazy out of control. Now I have a sewing room and my project organization gets crazy out of control. :)

A few weeks ago I was strolling through the dollar bins at Target, I heart Target, and I found some super cute cardboard paper trays. I had an idea. They were the perfect size to store fabric in the project process. (Think quilt blocks, cut fabric, dress fabric for a little girl, etc.)  Plus they were a dollar. Score. So I picked up a couple and put them to use.

Here they are holding all my Swoon blocks. Slide the pattern on top and you have all your pieces for the project in one place. 

Plus, if you are like me and have a little helper who loves to play with whatever mommy is playing with, it is easy to stick the tray up on a shelf and it looks neat and tidy. 

 I found this cute aqua one around Christmas and it holds my bobbins, pins, and little scissors. I put it next to my machine when I sew and when I am done, it goes up high on a shelf. Again, out of the reach of little investigative clutches.

So go and grab some from the happiest place on Earth {for me at least} and get those projects organized!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Oh funny, I was looking at those same trays at Target the other day wondering what I could use them for! I guess I better go back and get some :). Thanks for the ideas!


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