Wednesday, April 18, 2012

on being mom

I know I don't post about personal things much or at all on this little blog. That is intentional mainly because I have little kiddos and I don't want pictures of them floating around online. Plus my blog is definitely crafty and about my lil' shop catch the drift. However, yesterday I read an article and it really struck a chord with me. And figuring that most of my audience are moms thought that it might be of worth to many of you.

I know as mothers we all have our various struggles but a common one is the trap of comparison. (I think we all just nodded in agreement.) This article over at the Power of Moms, amazing site by the way, reminded me what truly is important in being a mother. Our little ones want us and what we are as their mother. Our kisses, our hugs, and most importantly our time. If you are having a hard day as a mom, head on over there and feel better about your efforts as a mom. I know when I read it I felt relieved that 'Okay, I am not the only one who feels like that!'.  The article is wonderful and I guess has gone viral, having over a million hits in just a few days. (In big thanks to Pinterest, that is how I found out about it.) They also posted a podcast this morning and it has been wonderful listening to it while I have been working around the house today.

Since I read this late last night, I really have thought more about the little things I do with my girls that make me their mother.  Singing songs in bed, telling secrets...mainly just whispering 'I love you!' in their ears and watching them smile, making chocolate chip cookies for no reason (and mom holding back while flour ends up all over my clean kitchen), falling kisses, and saying prayers together in the morning. All those little things are what my girls will remember. They won't remember if I could do their hair perfectly or if they had all the cutest coordinated outfits but they will remember the hugs, the kisses, and all the time I put into teaching and loving them.

So do yourself a favor. Go and feel GOOD about all the efforts you are making in your home to make it a wonderful place for YOUR children. Don't think about what your neighbor is doing or what that blogger is doing for their children. Your children love YOU for who YOU are.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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