Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter outfits 2012

How in the world is it April? How? Is it just me but is 2012 FLYING by? 

Since Easter was almost a week ago, it is high time I shared the Easter outfits I made for my girls this year.  I couldn't resist so I made my first 'matchy-matchy' sister outfits. I opted for skirts this year and with Riley Blake's new Chevron prints...the skirts were just darling.

I used the Starboard Skirt tutorial for Big Sister's Skirt. (Such an EASY and fun skirt.) Tip: If you plan to tuck in the shirt like I did, measure their waist with a shirt on. Otherwise it will be a little tight around the waist like mine.

I kept it nice and simple for my sweet little babe with just a simple gathered skirt.

I paired the skirts with white shirts already in their wardrobes and Easter Outfits were done and done.

With outfits being so easy this year,  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make some cute hair accessories.
Simple and sweet.

In other projects, I finally finished all the pillows for my couches. Yay! (I also finished all the floor length drapes for my family room - 9 panels to be exact - I did victory laps around my house when I finished that joy of a project.)

I am finishing up another quilt and I LOVE it! Finished quilting it last night and couldn't be happier with the outcome. (I am starting to love this whole free motion quilting thing.)

So there you go! Projects. See I am up to something when I don't post! :)

Happy Thursday,


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