Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Quiet Book Pattern & Kits

It is Wednesday and I have some Halloween Quiet Book kits all ready and listed in the shop. I've also updated the pattern with two new pages and some fresh fabrics.

 Ghost softie page and witch page

 These are the two new pages. The page on the left is a pocket that holds pumpkin face pieces. The page on the right is a pumpkin that can be 'carved' with the face pieces.

 Removeable spider page and pumpkin with finger puppet page.
The spider has poseable legs.

This includes everything to make the quiet book!

Or you can get just the pattern. Use your own fabrics and trims to make it truly one of a kind!

Happy Wednedsay...and Happy Halloween Crafting,


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  1. oh my goodness. am a grandmother to be and I have just found 'my thing'. You can only crochet so many blankets. blessings


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